Windows 7 memory hog benchmarks totally false

Category: Operating Systems, Technology

A few days ago, I was astonished to read a posting on Slashdot with claims that “Most Windows 7 PCs max out their memory, resulting in performance bottlenecks.”  My experience has been totally contrary.  The new version of Windows is actually great and I’ve been recommending it to clients who are ordering new computers. While [...]

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Remove old addresses in Outlook’s To: field search list

Category: Tips, Windows

I’ve been asked a few times about the little list (AutoComplete in Microsoft-speak) that pops up in Outlook when you start typing in the To: or Cc: fields.  Most people are frustrated when they see an outdated email address come up, even though they’ve updated the contact’s email address in their address book.  Here’s an [...]

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Google Sync Connects your Smartphone to Google Apps Standard

Category: Hosting

Or… Enterprise groupware on your smartphone without the enterprise The email domain has been hosted with Google Apps Standard (that’s free Gmail among other apps presented as your own domain instead of for years* and I’ve been really happy, although I’ve been secretly longing to have a more corporate groupware type of experience.  [...]

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EvoNexus 101

Category: General

High-tech entrepreneurs: Are you ready to take your start-up out of the garage and into an office?  Need advice on honing your business plan and meeting your objectives of profitability?  Enter EvoNexus, an incubator organization that takes companies under its wing (or into a boot camp, depending on your business skills).  I attended a presentation [...]

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Category: Linux, Mac, Tips, Windows

Okay, I know this one may be obvious to a lot of people, but I get the question regularly from my users. Screenshots or screen captures are useful and have the added benefit of making you look super cool when you need to make instructions for people or email your IT guy with problems! Windows [...]

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Welcome to the Wurks blog

Category: General

This site will be updated with thoughts about the industry, helpful hints, and anything else that comes to mind regarding technology and IT strategy.

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